The Story of Now

When I think about the story I wrote back in my old days only a few things differ from what we’re all going through right now. When attempting writing stories which I am still doing now, there was that story I had projected in the year 2126.

Machines had long before, somewhere in the 2000, taken control over human kind. The very few people who had survived were living hidden and underground. None of them had names. They had to keep a distance among themselves so they wouldn’t get emotionally involved with one another. That would ensure population not growing too big. Each of them had a serial number instead of a name. My protagonist was a young male doctor whose sidekick was a young girl. Since she wasn’t afraid to go against the rules, she sometimes had to go back up to the surface to get vital supplies. That was the only way for them to survive and heal patients given the limited resources available underground.

Sometimes, I feel things so deep within my heart and soul that I scare myself.

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